Uncertain Complexity

Guys I’m not pessimist, I’m optimist but, there are few things that bother me this is one of it.
Every time every moment is different and always is, it could be because we humans think a lot to find a pattern, certainty which could be predictable but, nature will always prove us wrong, it could be paradox, quixotic and contradictory. From a small talk with a friend to severe hurricanes every thing in the space is chaotic, whimsical and random with always unseen jacks popping out of the box. Talking with a person we know can be different every time, the amount of data generated and analyzed by our brains during such a talk is humongous.  And it will differ at every meet, even though we don’t feel it. There is this chaos theory (popularly known as butterfly effect) which states that butterfly flapping wings at a remote place could be the reason for a hurricane at another place.(Sounds too remote?)There is another one, a ball placed at summit of a hill has many possibilities of rolling down or not, but countless  factors such as wind, initial position ,gradient etc. can produce infinite possibilities as of where will the ball land if landed. The space is abstruse, esoteric or transcend. What is the limit of data of all experiences, feeling, findings, abstract ideas, etc. and that till our times in every field of study we have drafted? Forget the undiscovered, but only revisiting existing known can startle us with countless new discoveries. What is the end to this?

Think Childish!

Around years we are pressing hard on innovation, so what exactly does it mean. It isn't easy to innovate, to bring an idea (which people often joke off) into reality. The results are a product of long hours of failure, of which we are often feared. The first flight by Wright bros. lasted just 12 sec and covered 111 feet which is so nano of what we do today. There is always this failure factor playing around to screw us out, but also possibility of a new world of ideas uncovered.

RANDOM -A child is always what he/she is. The approach he (assuming it is a small boy) has is always random, always new. There aren't any rules set for they are free to do any thing in any way. That is the think that lands them to discover new things.

NO FEAR AND QUESTION- Also they don't have any fear of failure not even a bit of it. Our approaches to things should be in such manner, always, why is it so? Why not this way? A good example of such approach is : Chinese alchemist in medieval times, were searching for and elixir and they like a small child's play mixed things randomly. They almost tried everything, but one combination surprised them, shit of bats + charcoal + sulphur. Which resulted not in elixir but gunpowder (Shit of bat was full of potassium nitrate.) Which opened a new array of inventions such as rockets, guns etc. Which ultimately changed the course of human history and as they say, the rest is history. Such an attitude needs to be encouraged and inculcated in young minds. Eventually young scientists will fearlessly contribute.

UPDATE AND ENCOURAGE IDEAS- We should always be welcome to new ideas and updates as a child does. Guns were invented in the 16th century and British came in the 18th, if we had guns and we would had done R&D for 2 centuries, India would never had  been under British rule instead the opposite would have been true.

OBSERVE- Another quality a child has, is keen observation. Small children often sit staring at one thing continuously. They are really good at it.

 DOCUMENTATION – Collect, analyze and interpret. This is a process that child carries out mentally.
India had, has and will always have good brains but there is a need for the right approach. India needs, and can achieve tremendous growth in science and technology, and I think such approach will multiply it. Naturally, everyone was a child once.

 So think childish!

2nd Father of Nation

     This is the 2nd time in the history of this great nation called India, that citizens have united for an revolutionary movement which would change the fate of this nation for times to come.
      People of India are basically friendly, loving & peaceful by nature. It is this that our history reflects. India as a nation has never ever invaded any nation for the past 10,000 years. Non-Violence has been an structural element in our psychology.
     Weak transport systems, weak media network, no online social network, more poor & illiterate people, above all ruled by a foreign unjust nation , these were the circumstances through which our father of nation “Mahatma Gandhi” lightened a torch of non-violent protest to free our own nation. A unlimited source of energy & inspiration for humanity to achieve equal rights for living by an non-violent way.
     64 years after freedom India as a nation has gone through little ups and more downs. The torch that our father passed us by has diminished in intensity. Self interest has broken its boundaries creating more wider unequal Indian society. Co-operative societies have been deteriorated & now operated by only a few. Our feeling of unity, equality & responsibility for our nation has been faded. Administrators, politicians, bureaucracy, law and order system & people themselves are moving towards a dark side.
     It was this moment of time that all circumstances conspired for an 2nd greatest revolution which lightened every Indian mind with same old thought of unity, equality, co-operation, social responsibility & above all humanity.
     Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of non-violence Anna Hazare was the one who pushed the drafting and sanctioning of RTI (Right To Information) Act. firstly in Maharashtra & then all around the country. This started a feeling of involvement & confidence in every citizen towards fighting injustice.
     It was this beginning that unfolded many scams. It was RTI Act. That uncovered the Adarsh scam. Biggest scams such as 2g, common wealth also were uncovered recently. This made people think for nation. And at this perfect time Anna Hazare has raised against the government to push them for drafting civil society’s lokpal bill.
     People are erupting to support him for his good cause with huge support from media networks, social networks & the Indian youth. This will take us as a nation towards a good new prosperous shore, towards a nation which we all dream of. And if this happens Anna Hazare will surely be our “2nd Father of Nation”.

McDonalds - a Tapri

      Just to create an visual, i would start this with . 2 French Fries ,1 Coke Float,1 Chicken Tikka, a most repeatedly or common menu orders at an outlet of the food giant McDonald’s family restaurant in India.
     The brand has created such a great impact on our minds that we unconsciously fall for it.American companies have and R&D base that knows what exactly the food contains should be ,that you get addicted to there taste ,they know how exactly the atmosphere,how the mascot should look like & how the commercial be,all to make an impression on your mind that it’s the best place you could be.
     When it recently opened its store at our city’s boundary touching NH-4 (highway connecting major Indian cities Pune and Bengaluru) it elated me. I had a imaginary picture screening in my head about how it would be.How disciplined it will be,there management systems,researched processes all of which I was thinking and thinking with shear excitement in my mind.
      Now after about a year or so there is no more enthusiasm as i had before.It was all normal but still I had an image that Mc Donalds was a brand which is in every aspect an perfect global leader in food chain industry.
      But today it proved me wrong.It showed me again that great global companies which follow high standards & norms in international markets ignore Indian jurisdiction & take Indian laws just for sake, an formality on paper.

   These picture have been taken at the entrance of McDonalds family restaurant,Kolhapur,Maharashtra ,India. (My City)
       These pictures narrate the truth that McDonalds is no different than any other typical Indian restaurant which requires no clearances from authorities to operate. Looking at this, an typical Indian restaurant is by far more eco-friendly than McDonalds as they have very few non-bio-degradable waste as McDonalds dump.And yes McDonalds have not only dumped there waste, packaging & vegetables on highway but also tried to burn it similar as any other small cross street unorganised shop does in India.
      So what exactly McDonalds is ,it is by my view an institution only to make money at any cost even at the cost of environment. An good company is one which shows social responsibility but the best show environmental responsibility..Forget about environmental responsibility I even doubt the companies policies in direction of social responsibility.
Clearly  McDonalds is what we call a street side tea shop, a ‘Tapri’
      The government should take serious actions on this type of practices, so that Indian laws will be taken seriously.Waiting for the government to take action is like dreaming in this country at this time.The only way to teach this kind of act a lesson is to abandon it. We should try our best on our side , not to be a part of any system causing environmental & cultural damage to our country. 


Eating infinite tasty food to stimulate your taste buds,eating heavy food to satisfy your endless hungry stomach,having alcohol,tobacco, cigarette to give a high to your brain and finally having sex to satisfy your physical need. Nowadays repeatation of these, so called "satisfaction" is the basic definition of living life.

                So what exactly is true satisfaction?Satisfaction is a end, its and end of an "unknown" rat race,end of endless thinking. I am, i think a liberal man, ya i have read "a brief history of time ",yes i know who Charles Darwin was but yet the questions my childhood always asked me about, the reason of existence?, the source of energy? are still an unsolvable unknown puzzle . We all think the same,  who cares about the reason - live it as it comes. Yes i too think the same, but "How" is the question. All human present on this earth have an equal respectable share of this nature but yet due to human materialism spreading like a deadly fire its till a dream.

                 Living for us is for our physical body, giving it as possible as we can throughout life is what we call living.But still we cannot satisfy that physical state of ours till the end. We never think of our inner energy "the soul" ,that to has its demands,its hunger.And this soul doesn't have an endless need,it can satisfy itself by just a glimpse of eternity.
                 Eternity is mental satisfaction which is a juice of humanity,love,devotion,knowledge and unity.That is the main and missing part in our puzzle of existence its living for everyone, living for us, living for nature.



              This feeling was never so intense until i visited the 'The Collection' mall in Bangalore.I have visited many elite and luxurious places around the country.Don't know what happened this time,it just carried me.

 India as a single country has split into halves. Being from an suburban city i respect people beyond their financial status.A country where people fight for living where literally people wear what they get. I was here in a place where a single jeans costed around Rs. 26000 /- . This had taken me into an dilemma between materialism and inclusive growth.Not because i couldn't afford it but because it was not worth it.
              The word 'inclusive growth' never was so meaning full until now.This had shown me two outmatching countries in one.Only a person from an suburban city can feel this as he has been in farms where sweat and blood mix to produce, to glazing hyper malls in metropolitan where it is consumed.Inclusive growth is deadly needed in our country or we may loose our heritage. Our villages,our culture and most importantly humanity will perish. I am not against freedom of living for different financial classes.
              Every living creature on planet has an right to have his equal share of resources that mother nature provides.But human race just for so called pleasure or comparative success has drawn lines of inequalities by creating fake webs like economy,religion,race and many more.Knowing that everyone & everything is going to end some day why should we live in inequalities.why dint we follow the nature.
              Now i come to know why our saints boycotted this materialistic pleasure and searched for eternal pleasure.

              But now we live in present, and to make it pleasant we need to work with responsibility.Social responsibility and inclusive growth are the words we should work for ,to make our nation feel happy we need overall in depth development.
               The corporate world which is riding on the superpower wave can and should make this happen.


This is not an srcipt of an sci-fi movie or an passage from an fictional book this is true and damm real.Sometimes we have an gut feeling that movies show us the reality and also the predicted future.Thats surely true in this case.After seeing the movie 2012 i just did a little research to see is it really true . After that so called research, i had an series of shocks.1st shock- According to Mayan civilization the world is going to end on 21st December 2012, as their calendar ends on this day.

2nd -Tibet is no more on the map and having seen the satellite pictures of a small town called 'DAMXUNG' which was in tibet, now china,i was blown out seen the huge industrial sheds and two big 'pyramid shaped' structures. This small town have an airport and helipad and also a railway station. This town towards its north has an mountain range behind which there is an lake which is biggest in the whole country. Now the movie is coming before my eyes. There is someting suspecious going around there. Considering the visits of american president to china resently, big spams everywhere.Name of that small town and its infrastucture where only animal husbandry was practiced recently all indicate that this may be it.The recent tsunami at japan showed the wild thing of nature and what it can do, it may be an start of something big or it has started slowly,it will swallow the whole world in a few years.This may sound a little filmy but this can be a perspective.And what i think is that they are constructing ships instead of a dam.Stop! u must be thinking that i am bluffing.The best thing u can do is watch the film 2012 then read this passage again and do ur own research and then tell me what u think. Remember 21st december 2012 haha!! long live living !!